Congratulations on your selection for E2M2!

Please familiarize yourself with the preparation materials below in order to prepare for the upcoming workshop.

Software installations

For those selected for participation in E2M2, we ask that you please begin to familiarize yourself with the computer programs that will be used at the workshop in advance of arrival. If you will be bringing a personal laptop to the workshop, please be sure that the following programs are installed and working:

  • Excel, or a compatible spreadsheet software such as Google Spreadsheets
  • R – a statistical programming language (Windows, Linux, and MacOS)
  • R Studio – a user interface for R that will be needed for computer exercises

If you will not be bringing your own computer to the workshop, we will still expect you to complete the preparatory tutorials in R, so please locate a computer in your area on which you can install and begin these tutorials.

Preparatory tutorials

After you have installed R and R studio on your computer, please begin to work through the four tutorials linked here. All of them are extensively annotated with directions. If you have any problems loading and/or the software, please let us know immediately. We expect you to be familiar with all material presented in these tutorials prior to your arrival to the E2M2 R Bootcamp on January 4.

Preparatory assignment

In addition to the above tutorials, we ask that you prepare one powerpoint slide (saved in PDF format) summarizing your research prior to your arrival to E2M2. Please be prepared to present your slide to the rest of the class in a short, 2-minute oral presentation at Centre ValBio on Tuesday, January 7, 2020.

You may summarize recent, completed research that forms the basis for ongoing work, or you may give an overview of a new project that’s in development. You can present the subject of your application abstract if you desire, or you can choose a new topic you would like to develop during the workshop.

We recommend including 1-2 visual aids (e.g. figures or diagrams) that will help you explain key aspects of the research. Please keep the text on your slide to a minimum. Do not attempt to explain all of the details of your project – stick to the essentials and keep it simple. You will be kept to time.

We ask that you please submit the PDF version of your slide here by midnight on Friday, January 3 in advance of arrival to the workshop.

Please use the following naming convention upon submission: “E2M2_2020_Prep_Slide_LastName_FirstName.pdf”

Food, accommodation, and weather

All meals and lodging during the workshop will be provided, beginning with lunch on Monday, January 6 (please eat breakfast prior to arrival) and ending with lunch on Sunday, January 12 (you will be responsible for your own dinner the evening after return to Tana). With the exception of lunch during both transit journeys, all meals will take place at Centre ValBio. Additionally, lunch, snacks, and coffee will be provided at our mandatory closing session at Institut Pasteur de Madagascar (IPM) on Tuesday, January 14, as well as at the optional ‘R bootcamp’ which will precede the workshop at IPM on Saturday, January 4 and Sunday, January 5.

Our workshop takes place at the onset of the rainy season in Madagascar’s summer. As such, it will be hot and humid in Ranomafana, so please pack accordingly. While most of our workshop will take place in the CVB conference room, some of our sessions will involve hiking outside. Please bring bug-repellent clothing (long sleeves and pants), hiking shoes, and rain gear. Each participant should also bring a backpack, a water bottle, and a headlamp or flashlight to take on the trail.